Huia Feather

The extinct Huia bird sadly silenced before our generation could hear their song. Revived in a pair of earrings symbolising how precious it is for all wahine to bring balance to the world while in positions of leadership. A feather of a huia was given as a token of friendship and respect and worn by high ranking chiefs symbolizing leadership and mana. The most sacred bird of all of Tane's children, graceful, vulnerable and socially quiet, a bird that bonded in pairs for life. Poutama Porourangi tukutuku design on the huia feather represents the search for knowledge and was a pattern introduced by Tania's ancestor Sir Apirana Ngata representing their famous ancestor Porourangi of Ngati Porou. Shaped like the tukutuku panels that adorn the walls of our wharenui 50 mm (H) x 10 mm (W) x 3 mm (D) Handcrafted 3-dimensional resin art on sterling silver hooks.
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